Diagnosing Heel Pain

Diagnosis of any health condition should begin with a thorough health history. Before your first appointment, take time to visit our New Patient section of the website. Here you will find forms to complete before your visit. This is the first step in acquiring background about your podiatric and general health.

The condition of your feet is a representation of your overall health. Information about your current medical concerns, past health history, and medications that you are taking is important data that assists in making an accurate diagnosis. The doctor will review this information at your appointment, and may ask for more details about your health. Please take time to list the specific symptoms you are experiencing. If you can remember when the issue began, jot down a timeline. Your foot health is our priority, and we value your input as we work together to resolve your concerns. This is a great time to establish our partnership and get to know each other.

The next step is an examination of your feet. Pinpointing the location of your discomfort will aid the doctor in determining its exact cause. Understanding your specific foot mechanics is also critical. This will include evaluating the feet and ankles for balance, coordination, reflexes, and muscle condition. For example, if the doctor notices over pronation, or the acute turning in of the foot as you walk, this provides a clue to the cause of your heel pain.

At Houston Foot Specialists, we desire to earn your trust and provide the best diagnosis possible. Therefore, we take the time to listen, to ask questions, and to perform a thorough exam that will give us the most information as we determine the source of your heel pain.

Another piece to diagnosis includes imaging either through x-ray or diagnostic ultrasound. Seeing the heel and surrounding area provides vital information. Heel pain can sometimes be caused by a nerve that is pinched, or a stress fracture that has gone undetected. An image gives the doctor the opportunity to see the structure of the heel, and determine if its integrity has been compromised. Heel spurs are also revealed during this process, and while they may or may not be the reason for your pain, the knowledge allows for a more accurate diagnosis.

At Houston Foot Specialists, we have the added benefit of on-site digital x-ray and ultrasound equipment. Having everything in one place is another example of how we value your time. We desire to make your experience as positive and efficient as possible. Getting you back on your feet and pain free is our goal, and we take it seriously!

Does heel pain have you sidelined? Dr. Allen is here to diagnose and treat your condition. Our friendly staff will make your visit stress-free, and help you find the answers you need to get back in the game. Don’t wait any longer! Visit our main website to set up an appointment, or call our Houston, TX office at 713-467-8886.

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