Are you plagued with heel pain?  Are you ready to find the cause and address your daily discomfort?  Welcome to Houston Foot Specialists’ Heel Pain website!

Here you’ll find the best information about one of the most common foot pain concerns—heel pain! As you explore the site, find out what’s causing that stabbing pain in your heel. Whether it’s plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis, we have provided a brief description of the various conditions that can affect this area of the foot.

Diagnosing the source of your pain is a responsibility that podiatrist Dr. Aleisha Allen takes very seriously. The staff of Houston Foot Specialists strives to give you the best information on heel pain, and the best experience possible while you are with us.  Dr. Allen will take the time to listen to your concerns, and examine the problem thoroughly.  So, whether you have bunions, toenail fungus, hammertoes, ankle sprains, or plantar fasciitis, we are here to help.  Preparing for your first visit is easy. Just click on the New Patient button and you’ll find helpful information including what to expect, forms, and directions to our office.

Here’s what other patients have said about our foot doctors:

“Your passion to heal patients is incredible.”
“You spend more time with me than any other doctor.”
“You explain things in simple terms that anyone can understand.”
“This is the first time I have heard of PRP treatments.”
“It helped me to understand with the Diagnostic Ultrasound right here in your office.”
“You are so gentle with your treatments.”
“The visuals you use really helped me understand.”
“Wow, didn’t know there were so many treatment options.”

Working together with patients is a high priority. Dr. Allen will provide you with the best treatment options for your condition. A knowledgeable patient makes the best decisions about their own health. So, we strive to thoroughly explain your diagnosis and possibilities for treatment.  A visit to the Heel Pain Treatment page will give you a helpful overview. Treatments for this common foot condition were limited in the past. Today, there are more treatments to battle heel pain at its source, but many people still choose to just live with the pain.

Are you a heel pain sufferer? Have you been waiting for the problem to “go away?” The problem with that attitude is that this type of issue only gets worse over time.  Make a choice today to step out of that cycle by calling Houston Foot Specialists. Begin to understand that pain in your feet is not normal, and review the treatment options available to you. Take some time to look around this site, learn about us, and the excellent and comprehensive care that we offer to our patients.

If you have any heel pain, or other foot and ankle health questions, make sure to give us a call at 713-467-8886 or contact us on our main website, which is www.houstonfootspecialists.com.  We are here to help you be pain free, and we look forward to serving you!

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